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In Canada, most foreigners need a work permit. A work permit is an officer's written authorization to work in Canada for a non-citizen or permanent resident. It's required if the job is in Canada, regardless of the employer's location.

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What is a work permit?

A work permit is an official document that grants someone who isn't a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada permission to work there. It is required if the job site is in Canada, regardless of whether the employer is located in Canada.

Does my work permit have any restrictions?

When issuing a work permit, an officer has the authority to add, change, or remove conditions. One or more of the following may be among them:


New Work Permit

Typically, a work permit must be requested before traveling to Canada. In Canada, an initial work permit can only be requested under a handful of the unique conditions listed in this guide:

More info here:


Extension of Work Permit

You must apply if your work permit is about to expire or if you need to modify the conditions on it. At least 30 days before to the expiration of your current work permit, you should submit an application to extend it. Verify your passport's expiration date. Your work permit cannot be extended past the expiration date of your passport. Ensure that your passport won't expire before to the permit's requested end date.


Who may apply? This application is for you if you

Employer-specific work permits

You must submit an application to extend or modify the terms of your work permit if

Before receiving your work permit with the modified requirements, you cannot begin working at a new job or for a new company.

Open work permits
If you currently have an open work permit, you might be able to extend it if you're still qualified to work in Canada.


More info here:


Expired work permit

If you applied to extend your work permit

When your work permit expires after you've requested an extension, you have maintained your status & you should have permission to work without a permit while IRCC considers your application. You may continue working in accordance with the terms of your present work permit. If your work permit is employer-specific, this entails that you must have the same.

Holders with open work permits can still switch employers and employment.

If you apply for a different work permit

If your present work permit expires and you applied to switch your employer, job, or place of employment, you have maintained your status and you should have authorization to work without a permit while IRCC decides. However, you must continue working for the company listed on your initial work permit until IRCC decides whether to approve or deny your application. Until your application is processed, you cannot begin working under the terms of your new work permit.

If you applied for a study permit or visitor record

You can keep working until your work permit expires if you applied to obtain a study permit or to lengthen your visitation in Canada (visitor record). You must stop working if your work permit expires. You cannot study if you apply for a study permit until IRCC decides whether to approve your request.

If your permit expires before you apply

If you're still in Canada, you have to quit working but you might be able to apply to have your status as a worker restored.


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